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Savvy DWI Attorney Tips: How to Beat the System

Savvy DWI Attorney Tips: How to Beat the System
Getting a DWI is serious business and any DUI attorney would advise that you take no chances in the face of the law. Its never easy to beat the system, but with some savvy DUI attorney tips, it may be possible to avoid the most common pitfalls.

First and foremost, defend yourself by knowing your legal rights. Have your attorney explain them to you in detail and be sure to take notes while they do so. Knowing your rights and understanding how the law works can be an incredibly powerful tool and its something that you can use at any stage of the legal process.

Be proactive and honest with your attorney. It is important to provide accurate and complete information to your lawyer, so that they can do their best to defend your case. Withholding information or providing incorrect details to your lawyer can harm your case, so be sure to be open and honest with your attorney.

Understand what DWI evidence can be used against you. There are many types of evidence that can be presented in court during a DWI trial – from blood or breath samples, to videos of the incident. Protect yourself by understanding how you can combat each of these types of evidence. For example, an attorney may be able to purchase specialized equipment that can help accurately measure a persons level of intoxication.

The court system is not always the same. Depending on the state or region youre in, DWI laws and procedures can differ substantially. Being aware of the differences can make a huge difference in a cases outcome, so make sure to understand the variations in locality.

It is common to experience anxiety while going through a legal process. During a DWI case, its important to remain calm and work closely with your attorney to fight your situation. Anxiety can be paralyzing, so take breaks when necessary and work with your attorney to come up with a plan.

Offer a plea bargain. This is an effective strategy if your attorney believes that your case is unlikely to make it to court and that a plea agreement may be more beneficial. In many cases, a plea bargain can help to reduce your sentence and can help to get the case behind you in a timely fashion.

Look into alternative sentencing options. Many states offer alternative sentencing options for those convicted of DWI, such as drug and alcohol counseling or community service. Working with your attorney to explore these options can potentially help reduce the severity of conviction penalties and help to keep your record clean.

File an appeal. Just as a plea bargain can be a beneficial tool in avoiding a lengthy trial, an appeal can be invaluable in overturning a conviction or reducing the severity of the penalty you receive. An attorney can help you navigate the appeal process and work to make any necessary arguments in your favor.

Review the laws regularly. Laws can change from year to year, so its important to stay up to date on the latest changes in your area. Consulting with your lawyer can be especially helpful in this regard, as they are often familiar with changes in the law and how it may affect your case.

Be ready for the worst-case scenario. DWI cases are unpredictable, and its important to be prepared for any and all outcomes. Even the best-prepared case can have unfavorable results, so its good to be mindful of the worst-case scenario and be prepared with a plan of action.

Consider hiring a DWI specialist. It is possible to represent yourself in a DWI case, but it is not usually advisable. Hiring a DWI specialist attorney to represent you can be incredibly beneficial for your case, as they will have more expertise in the field and may be able to leverage their knowledge to secure a better outcome.

Speak to witnesses that can vouch for you. It is important to have witnesses that can provide you with an alibi or who can support you during the trial. Reaching out to witnesses who may have been present at the scene of the DWI or who may be able to testify in your favor can be an effective strategy for your defense.

Look into the arresting officers background. It is not uncommon for defense attorneys to review the background and training records of the arresting officer in DWI cases. Understanding the officers qualifications and any potential bias may be beneficial in building a successful case.

Seek out a pretrial diversion program. A pretrial diversion program may be a great option for those who feel guilty of the DWI charges. Programs such as these may involve alcohol or drug awareness classes or community service hours. Successful completion of these programs often results in the dismissal of charges and allows those charged with DWI to have a clean record.

File a motion to suppress. An experienced attorney is likely to file a motion to suppress any evidence collected that was in violation of the defendants rights. In many cases, successfully suppressing evidence can lead to a dismissal of the charges or a favorable outcome in a trial.

Fight back. The best thing a person can do to win a DWI case is to fight back. This means going to court prepared and ready, understanding what steps to take, and working closely with an attorney to build the strongest possible defense.

Hire an expert witness. Expert witnesses can be an invaluable asset in a DWI case, especially in cases where the charges are more serious. Experts in the field can provide strong testimony in your favor and can help to shed light on areas of the case that could be crucial for your defense.

Gather evidence. Collecting evidence, including CCTV footage, statements from witnesses who were present at the scene and phone records, can be extremely helpful in defending against DWI charges. Go over this evidence with your attorney to ensure that it is being used to your advantage.

Explain the circumstances. Providing explanation and context can help to paint a picture of the events leading up to the DWI case. Explain your side of the story to your lawyer, as it may provide them with some insight into how to present your case more effectively.

Think twice. While it may initially seem attractive to fight in court, it is best to consider the merits of each option carefully before deciding to do so. Consulting with an experienced DUI attorney can be incredibly helpful and may help you explore your options.