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Charged for a DUI, What Happens Now

DUI or Driving Under the Influence is a very serious, and very costly, offense.

DUI is still one of the top reasons for most of the auto accidents on America’s roads up until this day. If convicted of a DUI, one can expect heavy fines and penalties as consequences. Auto insurance for DUI will then be necessary if one wishes to get back on the road again, after completing his/her DUI sentence.

Some important information regarding DUI (example of Alaska):

  • First DUI offense is fined $1,500, sentenced to three days in jail, and suspension of driver’s license for 90 days
  • Second DUI offense: $3,000 fine, 20 days in jail, and one-year license suspension
  • Third DUI offense: $4,000 fine, 60 days incarceration, and a suspended license for the next three years
  • Fourth offense: $5,000 fine, five year license suspension and 120 days in prison
  • Fifth offense: $6,000 fine, 240 days in jail, and a suspended license for a period of five years
  • Further offenses fined $7,000, five-year license revocation and 360 days incarceration.

After completing your DUI sentence, it is very important to get the necessary auto insurance for DUI to cover you. You risk putting yourself in a huge financial burden if you drive, and consequently gets involve or causes a car accident, while uninsured. Your premiums can also increase, not to mention further penalties from the state.

But you don’t have to look far and wide since the best SR22 insurance for DUI today can easily be found on the Net, thanks to the many dedicated auto insurance portals and websites catering to the DUI market. With these, getting the latest rates and comparing different auto insurance providers is now easier than ever.
By spending just a few minutes, and with a little bit of effort, you an get the right auto insurance for DUI best fitting your needs while saving you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on your DUI auto insurance coverage every year. So save yourself the trouble and shop on the Web today.

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